Busch & Muller LED Line Permanent Toplight Taillight

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  • Get Free Shipping on the Line Permanent Toplight Taillight when shipped with your Tubus Rack or Ortlieb Panniers order.
  • Why do I only stock one taillight?  In general I am not a lighting dealer.  When I started carrying Tubus racks, many customers had difficulty finding lights to fit the 2-bolt 50mm apart horizontal light mounting holes on the back of Tubus racks, so I found a light I like that fit the Tubus racks, and they sold like hotcakes!  I sold enough of them to be impressed by their reliability too.
  • One thing I have found that I really like is that this is about the max width light that will fit on our most popular rear rack, the Tubus Logo Evo, without interfering with placement of Ortlieb pannier hooks in the rearmost position on the lower rack siderails.
  • The Line Permanent Toplight has two bright LED lights that display in a line across the top of the taillight.
  • Powered by a single AA battery with a 2-position on/off switch.
  • Note that the word “Permanent” in the name of the light means this light does not flash.  In some countries flashing taillights are not permitted.
  • 50mm bolt spacing fits almost all Tubus rear racks.
  • In addition to the LED lights, a high quality reflector significantly increases brightness when reflecting automobile headlights.
  • For drivers approaching from behind the LineTec technology makes it easier to determine if the rider is moving or sitting still.
  • The first photo in the second row shows the row of red LED lines of light turned on behind the clear lens.  It doesn’t look very bright because it is a daylight photo.  The next photo shows the light turned on after dark with the reflector glowing from the beam of a flashlight.  Much brighter!