Over the last 15 years, I have received countless great touring photos from my customers.  I think it is time to start posting some of them online – but ONLY with permission!  I plan to contact some of my favorite customers and ask permission to do just that.  If YOU have a photo that you think belong on this page, let me know.  The theme must be bicycle touring, or commuting.  Hey, I sell some great Ortlieb backpacks as well, so some shots showing folks hiking with Ortlieb packs would be great as well.  Some of the best photos I have seen have been tourists posing with signs.  Some quite funny.  So “sign” could also be great fun.  I will never forget a photo from Australia of a touring bike leaning against a sign that said “Don’t camp close to the water . . . Crocodiles!  And I loved the one taken at the summit of the “highest motorable road in the world.”