Lone Peak H100 Alta Handlebar Bag

Suggested Retail = $110.00
On SALE! . . . 20% Off at $88.00 + $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping to the Lower 48 US States
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  • COLORS . . . Yellow/Black,  Red,  Black  or  Blue
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The Lone Peak H100 Alta Handlebar Bag is one of my favorite items on the website.  It looks great.  It is large enough for almost anything you need handy for quick access without getting off your bicycle, yet not so large that it overwhelms your handlebars or causes bike handing issues.  The optional shoulder strap allows you to carry it as a shoulder bag when removed from the quick-release mounting bracket.  Place a map in the built-in case to help you find your way.  A zipper pocket on the front of the pack adds some convenient organization space, as do mesh pockets on each side.

  • For maximum waterproofing see Lone Peak Rain CoversAlso 20% Off when purchased with the handlebar bag!
  • Add the Optional Shoulder Strap for $9.00 . . . Sale Price is $7.00
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H-100 “Alta” Handlebar Bag Features . . .

  • IMPORTANT when placing your order:  The Lone Peak handlebar bag bracket fits handlebar diameters from 25.4 thru 26.4 diameter in the clamping area.  Please specify if  you need the mounting bracket to fit the oversized 31.8mm diameter handlebars.  We can supply the correct size mounting bands.
  • Deluxe quick release mounting bracket secures to most mountain and road handlebars.  Quickly attach or remove the handlebar bag from the mounting bracket.
  • Volume = 660 cubic inches.
  • The H-100 is very light! – only 25 ounces for the pack I weighed – including the bracket!
  • The main compartment measures approximately 10 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 6 inches front to back.  The front pocket measures about 9′ X 7′ X 2.5.”  The mesh side pockets provide extra carrying space
  • The H-100 has 2 main compartments, a clear vinyl map cover, and pleated mesh side pockets.
  • Our Yellow/Black H-100 Handlebar Bag was originally designed just for TheTouringStore.com!  It is very eye-catching when riding in traffic!
  • The Optional RCH-100 Handlebar Bag Rain Cover is available for the H-100 for $16.00 . . . On Sale . . . $12.80 at 20% Off when included with H-100 Order.
  • A big selling point for the cross country tourist . . . D-rings for Optional Shoulder Strap, internal loops for securing small items such as film canisters, and an internal pocket.
  • The H100 Handlebar Bag comes with a mounting bracket.  Add an Extra Handlebar Bracket for $30.00, and use your handlebar pack on more than one bicycle without having to swap the mounting bracket back and forth.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Handlebar brackets are not to be clamped onto carbon fiber handlebars, as they may cause damage that could result in handlebar failure!


Why Wayne Uses a Handlebar Bag . . .

I would never go on a long distance tour without my handlebar bag!  It is where I keep items I would like to access quickly and easily without having to get off of my bike – items such as my camera, energy snacks, tissues, keys, wallet, money, ID, passport, a map in the top window, etc. . . and I also use it for a waste basket.  When I ride up a mountain pass, I often find myself so focused on the ride that I don’t want to stop for photos.  With a camera living in my handlebar pack it is easier to talk myself into pulling off the road for a quick photo opportunity – without having to dismount the bike.  I can just step down, straddle the top tube, take a quick photo and be back in the saddle in seconds – so I don’t mess up the rhythm of my climb.  And later, I don’t regret missing the photo.  If I need to take a restaurant or restroom break, the handlebar bag comes off the quick-release bracket, and STAYS WITH ME on the shoulder strap, so I don’t risk having such critically important items stolen.  If you have not used a handlebar pack on your tours, you just don’t know what you have been missing!

Lone Peak Facts . . .

Lone Peak Facts . . .

  • These are First Quality, BRAND NEW packs, Made in USA by a US Company with all Made in USA Materials, with a Lifetime Warranty – NOT closed out, store displays, discontinued, or factory seconds!
  • Lone Peak does not tolerate seam failures. They sew every seam twice, once during the initial sewing process, then a second time when the seams are covered with Nylon Seam Binding, to prevent seam fraying and increase overall durability. The zippers are large #8 Self-repairing Coil Zippers with extra durable nickel sliders and quiet cord pull tabs. For added visibility Lone Peak uses 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape.
  • I sold Lone Peak Packs in my bike shop for about 7 years, and have sold them online for more than a dozen years.  They have been proven reliable.  These are great packs. You won’t be disappointed!