Lone Peak P400 Mount Rainier Panniers

Suggested Retail = $210.00 per Pair
On SALE! . . . 20% Off at $168.00 + $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping to the Lower 48 US States
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  • COLORS . . . Red, Black or Blue
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Lone Peak P-400 Mount Rainier Panniers are LP’s medium/large rear packs.  At 2500 cubic inches per pair these side-loading panniers are terrific for cross-country touring.  The main compartment will handle larger items, and several great outside pockets help you organize your gear.  Because the tops of the panniers are not significantly higher than the top of the rack, it is easy to use a large pack mounted laterally, bedroll style, across the top of the rack and panniers.

  • Lone Peak’s patented “Loc-on” Panniers Suspension System is easy to use and very secure! Virtually indestructible, the hooks are designed to wrap completely around the rack rails for maximum security. I have seen far more complicated pannier mounting systems out there that do not work nearly as well. This is a great hook design!
  • Get Lone Peak Rain Covers for maximum waterproofing.  Also 20% Off when purchased with the panniers!
  • See the matching Lone Peak H100 Alta Handlebar Bag!
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P-400 REAR Mount Rainier Features and Info . . .

  • Lone Peak’s patented “Loc-on” Panniers Suspension System is easy to use and very secure! Virtually indestructible, the hooks are designed to wrap completely around the rack rails for maximum security. I have seen far more complicated pannier mounting systems out there that do not work nearly as well. This is a great hook design!
  • 2500 cubic inches/pair
  • 3 exterior pockets – you will like touring with all these pockets.  It will be much easier to organize your gear than with panniers with one big open compartment.
  • Load compression straps
  • 46 ounces for the pair we weighed
  • For maximum waterproofing see Lone Peak Rain Covers.
  • All of Lone Peak’s touring panniers hang about 12 inches from the hooks on the top rail of the rack to the bottom of the panniers. They should not interfere with your derailleurs.
  • Rigid back panel to keep pack out of spokes
  • Please note that the colors shown in the photos are not very accurate.  The Red above looks a bit orange on most computer monitors, but it is really a very nice vivid red – definitely not orange.  The Blue packs are a deeper, more vivid Blue than shown above.  The Black packs look much closer to the actual color.
  • The rigid back panel measures about 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall. One corner is angled for heel clearance. The main compartment is about 5 to 6 inches deep when packed fairly flat. The outside pocket adds another 2-3 inches, depending on how the compartments are filled. When packed these packs are about one inch above the  rear rack.
  • A Note On the Color Blue . . . Lone Peak has not been offering the P-400 or P-500 Panniers in Blue.  Because I do a high volume with Lone Peak, they agreed to do a custom run in Blue just for me.  You won’t find them in Blue anywhere else!
  • For maximum waterproofing see Lone Peak Rain Covers.  Add RC150 Large Rain Covers for only $27.00 ($29.00 when purchased separately)

P400 Main Compartment Info . . .

Will a sleeping bag or tent fit in the main compartment? . . .

  • Probably not.  These are one of my most popular rear panniers with lots of pockets – great for organizing your touring gear – and if you intend to carry your tent and sleeping bag in a bedroll on top of your rear rack, then these medium capacity panniers are perfect for even long distance tours. If you want to carry up to a 16 inch long by 8 inch (maybe 9 inches) diameter rolled sleeping bag, or a 2 person tent with up to 16 inch poles inside the rear pannier’s main compartment, then you should take a look at the Lone Peak P500 rear panniers.  And if maximum capacity is important to you, then go for the P-500’s.

Lone Peak Facts . . .

  • These are First Quality, BRAND NEW packs, Made in USA by a US Company with all Made in USA Materials, with a Lifetime Warranty – NOT closed out, store displays, discontinued, or factory seconds!
  • These expedition quality packs are made of 1000 Denier “Cordura Plus” fabric, ounce for ounce the toughest material around. The fabric is impregnated with weatherproof polyurethane, for extra durability and protection from the elements. Lone Peak reinforces high wear areas with “Coverlight.” The Coverlight material is highly abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant. All the webbing used is 100% Nylon Webbing, which is stronger and more abrasion resistant than inexpensive polypropylene webbing you may find on other packs. All attachment and stress points are triple stitched with #92 Bonded Nylon Thread. In addition to the waterproof fabric, the main compartment seams have a 3/4 inch nylon binding over the inside of the seam for extra water protection, so your gear stays nice and dry!
  • Lone Peak does not tolerate seam failures. They sew every seam twice, once during the initial sewing process, then a second time when the seams are covered with Nylon Seam Binding, to prevent seam fraying and increase overall durability. The zippers are large #8 Self-repairing Coil Zippers with extra durable nickel sliders and quiet cord pull tabs. For added visibility Lone Peak uses 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape.
  • I sold Lone Peak Packs in my bike shop for about 7 years, and have sold them online for a dozen years.  They have been proven reliable.  These are great packs. You won’t be disappointed!

An Important Note About Hook Size . . .

  • These packs come with either 8mm or 10mm diameter top-hooks for 8mm or 10mm diameter rack top-rails.  Please let me know if you need 8mm or 10mm hooks.  Do not assume you need 8mm hooks because that is the way panniers and racks used to come “standard.” There IS no “standard” size.  I am seeing just as many 10mm hooks and racks now as 8mm.
  • Click here for Tips on Measuring for Lone Peak Panniers Hook Size.
  • A Suggestion . . . If you have not yet purchased your racks and are going with Lone Peak Panniers, I recommend that you purchase racks with 10mm top-rails.  This might save you the hassle of having to repair or replace a rack on a tour – or from having to hitch a ride!  The Tubus racks I carry have very high carrying capacity, yet are very light in weight.  They have 10mm rails, and work great with Lone Peak panniers.  If Tubus racks will not work for you, racks with 10mm top rails have become the standard, and are not difficult to find.

Lone Peak’s New Adjustable Pannier Hook System!

  • Lone Peak has improved their lower hook system!
  • Though it has always been a very secure, simple and reliable fit on 80’s and 90’s deigned “Blackburn Expedition” style rear racks, the original mounting system was not fitting well on some of the incredible variety of new racks that don’t follow the traditional designs.
  • For years I had to tell customers that the Tubus Cargo Evo was the best rack for Lone Peak rear panniers, and the Tubus Ergo was the best choice for Lone Peak front panniers.  Because there was no vertical or horizontal adjustment for the lower hook system on Lone Peak Panniers, they did not fit well the very popular Logo Evo, Cosmo, Tara and Duo racks.  When a rack was suitable for the Lone Peak mounting system, the fit was incredibly secure, reliable and durable with virtually no issues.  The new system retains the same reliability, but now has both vertical tension adjustments to fit racks with a shorter top to bottom distance, as well as horizontal lower hook adjustments, for offset lower mounting points.  We can now get a secure fit on any of the Tubus front and rear touring racks!
  • The first photo above shows the original lower hook system.  The final three photos illustrate the adjustable tension system, and the offset adjustment capability.  Tension can be adjusted by simply retying the knot to lengthen or shorten the bungee — simple and reliable!
  • The new system retains the simple, strong and reliable “Loc-on” upper hook system.  We couldn’t see a way to improve the upper hook system!