Lone Peak Pannier Rain Covers . . . ON SALE!

Photos of the Handlebar Bag and Rack Pack Rain Covers are coming soon.

Lone Peak Rain Covers — 20% Off and no additional shipping charge when purchased with Panniers, Handlebar Bag, or Rack Pack.
Lone Peak Rain Covers — 10% Off + Shipping when ordered without packs.
  • Size Large fits the larger Lone Peak P400 and P500 Rear Panniers.
  • Size Small fits the smaller Lone Peak P099, P100 and P150 front/rear Panniers.
  • No shipping charge is added when Rain Covers are included with your Panniers/Handlebar Pack/Rack Pack order.
  • Pair of Large Pannier Rain Covers . . .  $36.00 + $7.00 Shipping by USPS Priority Mail in the lower 48 States.
  • Pair of Small Pannier Rain Covers . . . 32.00 + $7.00 Shipping by USPS Priority Mail in the lower 48 States.
  • Large & Small Pannier Rain Covers Set . . . $68.00 + $10.00 Shipping by USPS Priority Mail within the Lower 48 States.
  • Handlebar Bag Rain Cover . . . $16.00 +$7.00 Shipping by USPS Priority Mail within the lower 48 States.
  • RP-700 Rack Pack Rain Cover is $20.00 + $7.00 Shipping by USPS Priority Mail within the lower 48 States.
  • Add Handlebar Bag and/or Rack Pack Rain Covers to the Large and Small SET of Pannier Rain Covers and the USPS Shipping Cost Remains $10.00.

Are Lone Peak Panniers and packs waterproof? . . . If the standard for waterproofing is being able to keep items dry while a pack is submerged in water, then the answer is no, because zippers simply can’t provide 100% waterproofing.  HOWEVER . . . in order to have that level of protection, you will have to give up the convenience of zippers and multiple pockets for accessing and organizing your gear.   Multiple zipper pockets make it easy to get to all of your gear, all of the time.   Lone Peak packs are water resistant.   All Lone Peak packs are made from fabric that has been coated with waterproof polyurethane.  In the main compartments there is a 3/4 inch binding sewn over the inside of the seams, providing an extra level of protection beyond the waterproof fabric.  And there are flaps to pull down over the zippers to help keep water out.   I have ridden through some serious rain on a 2-3 mile commute and arrived home with dry gear inside.  That being said, if you get caught riding for a long time in the rain, you may get some water in the packs through pocket seams and through the zippers.  If water pools on top seams, it can seep past, so I think Lone Peak Rain Covers are a good idea if you are planning a cross country tour.   Rain covers are a great solution for those days when you must ride in all day rains and want extra protection.   And there are some extra benefits to having rain covers.  They are really handy when you have a small tent and don’t want to bring all your gear inside on a rainy night.  In the morning your packs will be clean and dry under the rain covers – very nice on wet and cold mornings.  Rain covers help keep your packs clean in nasty weather.  After a wet ride, you can wash and dry the rain covers, put them away, and enjoy panniers that are free of mud and grit from the storm.  Perhaps the best reason for taking along your rain covers, is their bright yellow color.  They make you and your bike MUCH more visible when riding in high traffic situations, when there is no shoulder and you have to share the lane with automobiles, or when you are caught riding in low light and visibility situations, such as severe storms, or riding at dusk or at night.  So don’t just save them for the rain.   Note:  A great tip for increasing your level of moisture protection is to pack your gear in a variety of sizes of zip-loc bags.  The bonus is that this makes it even easier to organize your gear – and to keep your gear organized for the duration of your tour.  I particularly like the slide-lock on the Hefty “One Zip” storage bags, because it is easier to open and close than the standard zip-loc design — and if you can find them, there are some extra heavy duty zip-lock bags out there for industrial uses.