No Nonsense Return Policy
  • Simply stated, you may return your item for a full refund for any reason, as long as it is returned to me in the condition in which I sent it to you.
  • PLEASE inspect your items, and verify that they fit your needs before removing tags or destroying original packaging.  It is easier for me to resell items that have the original packaging and tags still in place.  If you have a problem with an item, please let me know.  Perhaps we can work out another solution, but I will always be happy to take an item back if I cannot provide a working replacement, or if it cannot perform properly.
  • PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING A RETURN, so I will know when and why you are returning it, and when to expect it — and so I may have an opportunity to help you figure out the problem.  Many times I have had things returned “because they wouldn’t fit,” only to find that mounting instructions were not used or followed correctly.  My favorite example:  Several customers have mounted Tubus front racks upside-down, and then sent them back because their panniers wouldn’t fit.  I can often help you avoid the reason for a return.  And be sure there is a note in the package letting me know when you made the purchase, the reason for the return, etc.  I need to know if it can be placed back on the shelf, or if the product is defective — and whether I am to send you a replacement, or process a refund.
  • You will find me quite friendly and willing to help if you are in a return situation, but out of self-defense I need to add a condition to the return policy.  Customers . . . please be reasonable as well, so I can keep such a great return policy  Some things feel like “taking advantage.”  I have had packs returned that were “still brand new” that had very obvious signs of wear and tear, and no original packaging — used packs where I felt lucky to sell them for half-price.  Certain types of marks are obviously signs of use, so don’t send something back saying it is completely unused, unless it IS completely unused.  And please don’t leave on a six-month trip, or an around-the-world tour, return to the USA, and then return the bags you didn’t take along for the ride.  By then they may be outdated, redesigned, or completely discontinued, and I will have missed the opportunity to sell them at full value.  Every situation is different, so I don’t want to set a hard and fast time limit on a return, but . . .
  • WARRANTY — RETURN or REPAIR . . . If you have a warranty problem, I will always go to bat for you.  If you will contact me, I can get you together with the manufacturer, or take care of you myself.  I’ll always be happy to help you.  Thank you!  Wayne