Ortlieb Office Bag QL-3.1 Black’n White Line Briefcase Pannier

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The Ortlieb Office-Bag QL-3.1 Briefcase Pannier – Sleek, super functional and professional, this pannier is great on and off the bike.  The Office-Bag QL-3.1 mounting system provides fast and easy mounting and removal from the rack.  The bag is  printed with unique Ortlieb graphics, and made from Ortlieb’s new PVC Free Fabric.

  • Ortlieb Office-Bag QL-3.1 Specifications . . .
  • Volume . . . 1282 cubic inches (21L)
  • Dimensions . . . 11.8 x 15.7 x 6.7 inches (H x W x D)
  • Weight . . . 67.5 oz
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  • The Ortlieb Office-Bag QL-3.1 Black’n White Briefcase Panniers is a terrific waterproof commuting briefcase.  Attachment and removal is quick and easy.  There are no protruding hooks on the side of the pannier, so carrying the pannier as a shoulder bag is more comfortable, and it doesn’t look like a bicycle bag when you carry it into your office.
  • Fabric & Construction:  Ortlieb Black’n White Line packs and panniers are made from a new waterproof, polyurethane-coated canvas material that is completely PVC-free.  All seams are high frequency welded, providing excellent waterproofing along with narrow manufacturing tolerances.  You will be impressed by the high quality workmanship!
  • Features:  Rolled closure with side-release buckles; reflective ORTLIEB logo and 2 large side 3M Scotchlite reflectors; edge protection plates on corners, and plastic buttons on bottom for stability; carry handle and removable non-slip padded shoulder strap with D-ring attachment; lots of inner compartments for organization; adjustable width laptop partition stands laptop against back wall of pannier.
  • Mounting System:  The Ortlieb QL-3.1 Mounting System works without top-hooks.  The QL-3.1 mounting bracket is attached semi-permanently to the side of the rack.  Pins on the mounting bracket lock securely into slots on the back of the pannier.  The mounting system can be adjusted to fit either side of the rack at different heights and angles.  QL-2.1, QL-2 and QL-1 pannier hooks will attach to the top bar on the QL-3.1 Mounting Bracket, so you can carry your other Ortlieb panniers on the same rack without having to remove the QL-3.1 mounting bracket.
  • QL-2.1 vs. QL-3.1 Mounting Systems . . . The QL-2.1 version will fit a wider variety of racks.  A QL-3.1 bag does not have external mounting hooks, so it will feel smoother against your waist when you carry it as a shoulder bag for long distances.  For shorter distances, you will be quite comfortable carrying a bag with the QL-2.1 mounting system.  If you have only one bike and rack and switch pannier types often, you will likely prefer the QL-2.1 system that does not use a semi-permanently installed mounting bracket on the rack.  If you have a dedicated commuter bike, and often carry the Office Bag on your shoulder, you may prefer the QL-3.1 version.