Ortlieb Expedition and Travel Bags

The Expedition and Travel Bags on this page are all at $25% Off of Suggested Retail with $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping in the lower 48 states.   Click on the individual pages for description, and ask Wayne for a quote and availability on the different colors and sizes.  I hope to have sale prices posted on the on pages by the weekend.  Thanks!  Wayne
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Item #1 . . . Ortlieb Duffle Expedition Travel Bags

Ortlieb Duffle 40 Liters . . . $170.00

Ortlieb Duffle 60 Liters . . . $180.00

Ortlieb Duffle 85 Liters . . . $190.00

Ortlieb Duffle 110 Liters . . . $200.00

Colors . . . Black,  Sun-yellow/Black, White, or Ocean-Blue

  • Duffle 40 Liters Dimensions:  20.1″ x 12.2″ x 8.7″
  • Duffle 60 Liters Dimensions:  22.8″ x 13.8″ x 11.4″
  • Duffle 85 Liters Dimensions:  25.6″ x 17.3″ x 12.2″
  • Duffle 110 Liters Dimensions:  27.6″ x 18.1″ x 13.4″
  • A short metal cable near the zipper allows the use of a mini-padlock between the cable and the zipper-pull.
  • The Duffle has padded removable shoulder straps for carrying as a backpack, and a strong, waterproof zipper.
  • The zipper is VERY cleverly designed.  It is longer than the main body of the bag, and wraps downward where it is hooked in place for carrying.  When unhooked, the extra-long zipper provides a huge opening.
  • There are two internal organizing pockets, and inner compression strap, an outer mesh pocket, two daisy chains on the upper side for easy attachment of accessories, and the bottom of the bag is reinforced.
  • This is one of the best designs in the Ortlieb line.  I am a huge fan of this bag!  Wayne
Item #2 . . . Ortlieb Duffle RG Expedition and Travel Bag

Duffle RG 34 Liters . . . $325.00

Duffle RG 60 Liters . . . $350.00

Duffle RG 85 Liters . . . $375.00

  • The Ortlieb Duffle RG . . . Are you planning a weekend trip, an active vacation or an overseas journey?  Looking for a maximally durable and waterproof travel bag that offers additional comfort?  If yes, you should definitely consider the ORTLIEB Duffle RG.  In contrast to the Duffle RS, which was conceived for expedition-level use, the Duffle RG is outfitted with an aluminum wheel frame that makes it especially easy to tow.  Indeed, the bag’s large wheels, telescope aluminum handle and impact-proof underside give it excellent off-road handling.  Free standing when full or empty, the ORTLIEB Duffle RG can be moved in three different ways.  It can be wheeled using the telescope handle, carried with one hand, or worn as a backpack.  The waterproof polyester fabric and the 10-mm waterproof TIZIP Masterseal zipper ensure that the bag’s contents remain optimally protected in all conditions.  Thanks to its compact size, the smallest Duffle RG offers a special advantage – it qualifies as a carry-on aboard commercial flights (note that not all airline regulations are the same).  But despite its dimensions, it still offers 34 liters of stowage space and is therefore an ideal bag for short trips.
  • Colors . . . Black or  Sun-yellow/Black
  • Duffle RG 34 Liters Dimensions:  21.6″ x 13.7″ x 9″ – Weight:  102.6 oz
  • Duffle RG 60 Liters Dimensions:  26.7″ x 15.7″ x 10.7″ – Weight:  119.5 oz
  • Duffle RG 85 Liters Dimensions:  32.6″ x 15.7″ x 11.6″ – Weight:  125.2 oz
  • The Duffle RG has large 90 mm wheels, an aluminum plate between the wheels to protect the bag’s underside, removable padded shoulder straps for use as backpack, a wire loop for zipper padlock, a mesh zippered outside pocket (not waterproof), a zippered inside pocket, and a compression belt on the inside to control the load.

Item #3 . . . Ortlieb Big-Zip Expedition and Travel Bag


Sorry!  SOLD OUT.

AK, HI, and international destinations may receive a shipping credit.

  • Ortlieb Big-Zip . . Active explorers require heavy duty equipment that can easily handle intensive and continuous use.  Big Zip is made of tough welded fabric PD900 with waterproof TIZIP, and offers reliable protection for baggage transport on airline, train, rafts or trekking tours.  With a mammoth 140 liters of storage space it will hold everything you need for a long expedition. Big-Zip may be carried on the back with its extra wide padded carrying straps.  Padded carry handles on both ends allow portaging by two people.  Internal compression straps will keep your equipment in place.  Proportioned to carry loads and to keep them waterproof.  Additional features include:  Easy access extra-long zipper, D-rings for attaching extra gear or tying down the bag, padded carrying handles, and easy-to-clean fabric.

  • Colors . . . Black,  Orange,  Sun-yellow
  • Big-Zip Dimensions:  36.2″ x 19.7″ x 11.8″ – Weight:  68.8 oz
Item #4 . . . Ortlieb Transporter Expedition Travel Bag


AK, HI, and international destinations may receive a shipping credit.

  • The Ortlieb Transporter Backpack is designed to carry large stuff.  The durable, waterproof, all-round backpack made of coated polyester and Cordura handles huge bulky loads.  With the adjustable lid, reinforced base, and external compression straps it is predestined for numerous transport jobs in tough environments.  The contoured shoulder straps promise carrying comfort.  The folding closure is reinforced with tough Cordura fabric.  Loops on the fabric provide places for attaching external gear, and a rear light (not included).  In addition there is a carrying handle, and an inner organizing pocket.
  • Colors . . . Black, Orange, Sun-Yellow
  • Volume . . .  50 Liters / 3051 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions . . . 19.7 x 15.4 x 9.1 inches (H x W x D)
  • Weight . . . 44.1 oz
Item #5 . . . Ortlieb X-Plorer Expedition Travel Bag

The Explorer has been UPDATED.  I do not have the new version in stock.  The ones pictured are the discontinued version, and I can take 30% Off of Suggested Retail for these packs plus $10.00 Shipping.

2017 Explorer 35 Liter . . . $42.00 Plus $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping to the Lower 48 States

30% Off Clearance Price is $29.40 + $10.00 Shipping

Explorer Expedition Travel Bag.  One might simply call this a combination drybag/backpack.  This bag is the perfect choice for canyoning, climbing or caving.  It is also a favorite luggage piece on motorcycles.  It is by far lighter than most conventional backpacks, and the rolled closure is extremely waterproof.  When empty, it can be rolled into a very compact package.

  • Colors . . . Red,  Blue,  Sun-yellow/Black
  • Volume . . .  35 Liters / 2136 cubic inches
  • Dimensions . . . 23.6 inches tall x 10.6 inches in diameter
  • Weight . . . 22.6 oz
  • Volume . . .  59 Liters / 3600 cubic inches
  • Dimensions . . . 27.6 inches tall x 12.2 inches in diameter
  • Weight . . . 27.9 oz

Item #6 . . . Ortlieb Travel-Zip Travel Bag

Small . . . $150.00

Medium . . . $170.00

CLEARANCE SALE!  This great pack has been discontinued.  I had only one left in Size Medium Only at last check . . .  in BLACK.  Please confirm availability.

The Clearance Price is $119.00 . . . 30% Off!

AK, HI, and international destinations may receive a shipping credit.

  • Ortlieb Travel Zip . . . A versatile duffle bag that you can use for sports, weekend or business trips.  The extremely durable and abrasion resistant polyester fabric is designed for heavy duty use, repells dirt and is easy to clean.  The Travel-Zip can be carried with its adjustable shoulder strap or with the handles on top.  The handle straps can even work as shoulder straps when necessary.  It is waterproof and features two meshed side zip pockets (not waterproof) for tickets and passport.
  • Colors . . . Black or  Lime-Black
  • Travel-Zip Small Specifications:
  • Dimensions:  Length 18.1 inches,  Height 9.4 inches,  Width 12.2 inches
  • Volume = 30 Liters/1831 cubic inches
  • Weight = 34.9 oz
  • Travel-Zip Medium Specifications: 
  • Dimensions:  Length 22.8 inches,  Height 10.2 inches,  Width 15 inches
  • Volume = 50 Liters/1831 cubic inches
  • Weight = 42.3 oz