Ortlieb Back Roller CLASSIC Waterproof Rear Panniers
Suggested Retail = $180.00 (Pair)

COLORS . . . Black, Red/Black, Ultramarine-Blue/Black, Asphalt/Black, Orange/Black, or Yellow/Black

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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Rear Panniers are the standard Ortlieb design with the simple to operate waterproof rolled closure.  These are terrific, expedition quality panniers, and great for touring, commuting or shopping.

  • SPECIFICATIONS for Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Panniers:
  • Height = 16.5 inches.  Width = 12.6 inches.  Depth = 6.7 inches.  Volume = 2441 cubic inches/pair (40 Liters).  Weight = 67.1 ounces/pair.
  • Add a pair of Optional Size Small Outer Pockets (220 cubic inches per pair – 3.6 Liters), and increase your capacity to 2661 cubic inches!
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