Ortlieb Back Roller PRO Plus Extra-Large Waterproof Rear Panniers
Suggested Retail = $250.00 (Pair)

Accessories . . . will receive at least 10% Off and Free Shipping when purchased and shipped with Ortlieb packs or Tubus racks over $90.00.

COLORS . . . Granite/Black, Lime/Moss-Green,  or  Signal-Red/Dark-Chili

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The Ortlieb Back Roller Pro Plus Panniers are the XL version of the popular Back-Roller Plus touring panniers.  With a volume of 70 liters per pair, they offer almost twice as much stowage space.  They are also the first ORTLIEB Back-Rollers with additional front pockets.  These panniers are BIG!

  • SPECIFICATIONS for Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Pro Panniers:
  • Volume: 70 L + 8 L/ 4272 cu.in. + 488 cu.in. (pair of panniers and pair of outside pockets).  Ortlieb states that these are the largest waterproof panniers in the world.
  • Height: 17.7 ”   Upper Width: 14.2″   Bottom Width: 9.4″   Depth: 10.2″
  • Weight: 71 oz (pair)
  • Observations about Pro panniers volume:  At 70 liters volume for the pair, they are about equal in volume to a Pair of Ortlieb Back Roller Panniers (40 Liters) plus the Ortlieb Rack Pack Medium Drybag (31 Liters) on top of the rear panniers.  With one pair of Pro panniers, you may eliminate the need for a rack pack on top of the rear rack and get your tent and sleeping bag into the panniers for a lower center of gravity in the load, plus better step-over clearance when getting on and off the bike.  The Pro panniers can be great for tandem riders as well.  With two riders and one bike with front and rear racks – and only one pair of panniers per rider – the extra room in the Pro panniers may help you carry the gear you need.
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