Ortlieb Back Roller Urban Line QL-2.1 Waterproof Rear Panniers
Suggested Retail = $120.00 (Sold in Singles)
COLORS . . . Coffee, Ink or Pepper
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The Urban Line Back Roller QL-2.1 Pannier is a multifunctional single bag for bike riders who are looking for a spacious, waterproof pannier for riding to work, school or shopping.  Made of a special blend of cotton and Cordura fabrics, this bag has a textile appearance that is a perfect match for both casual and business attire.

  • SPECIFICATIONS for a SINGLE Ortlieb Urban Back Roller QL-2.1 Pannier:
  • Height = 16.5 inches.  Width = 12.6 inches.  Depth = 6.7 inches.  Volume = 1220 cubic inches/pair (20 Liters).  Weight = 29.6 ounces (2441 cubic inches/40 Liters volume for a pair)
  • Add an Optional Size Small Outer Pocket (110 cubic inches – 1.8 Liters), and increase your capacity to 1330 cubic inches.
  • Add a Pair of Optional Size Small Outer Pockets (220 cubic inches per pair – 3.6 Liters), and increase your pair capacity to 2661 cubic inches!
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