Ortlieb Bike Packer CLASSIC Waterproof Rear Panniers
$200.00 (Pair) with Free Shipping to the Lower 48 US States!

COLORS . . . Black, Ultramarine-Blue, or Red

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Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic Waterproof Rear Panniers are great quality cross-country touring panniers with a draw-string top under a lid closure.  They work equally as well for commuting or shopping.

  • Ortlieb’s Classic Series waterproof panniers earned Ortlieb the reputation for building the best quality panniers in the world!
  • SPECIFICATIONS for Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic Panniers:
  • Height = 16.5 inches.  Width = 12.6 inches.  Depth = 6.7 inches.  Volume = 2441 cubic inches/pair (40 Liters).  Weight = 73.4 ounces/pair.
  • Add a pair of Optional Size Small Outer Pockets (220 cubic inches per pair – 3.6 Liters), and increase your pair capacity to 2661 cubic inches!
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