Ortlieb Back Roller High-Visibility Waterproof Rear Panniers
Suggested Retail = $150.00 (Single Pannier)

COLORS . . . Black-Reflex or Neon-Yellow Reflex

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Ortlieb High-Visibility Back Roller Panniers have reflective strands woven directly into the fabric!  Light from auto headlights and streetlights reflects from these packs, dramatically increasing your visibility when riding at night!  The Neon-Yellow Reflex fabric is terrific for both day and night visibility!  The Black Reflex fabric is not bright in the daytime, but is still night-time reflective!

  • SPECIFICATIONS for Ortlieb Back Roller High-Visibility Panniers:
  • Height = 16.5 inches.  Width = 12.6 inches.  Depth = 6.7 inches.  Volume = 2441 cubic inches/pair (40 Liters).  Weight = 54.7 ounces/pair.
  • Add a pair of Optional Size Small Outer Pockets (220 cubic inches per pair – 3.6 Liters), and increase your capacity to 2661 cubic inches!
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Features and INFO

Ortlieb Back Roller High-Visibility Panniers

  • The Reflective Neon-Yellow color is hard to describe.  Because of the reflectivity, the color value of light sources dramatically affects the appearance of the bags.  In the photos below you will see color variations from different lighting sources.  Viewed outdoors in daylight, there is an obvious yellow/green tint to the neon bags, but the tint varies with the time of day, and whether you are in direct sunlight, riding on a cloudy day or, or riding after dark.  After dark, the color varies from one type of headlight or streetlight to another.  Under 3500K indoor florescent lighting the photos appear quite yellow.  Photos taken under daylight balanced indoor LED lights,  approximately 5500K, have a definite yellow/green tint, so it is very difficult to take accurate photos of these bags.   It is beautiful fabric — just difficult to describe.
  • The Black Reflex Fabric is not highly visible during the day, but is very reflective after dark.
  • These are Top-of-the-line panniers with the rolled “dry-bag” closure.  The High-Vis fabric is very supple and easy to roll down.  You will find them a bit easier to close than Classic rollers.  They are equally as waterproof and durable as the Classic fabric version, and they use the new more easily adjustable QL-2.1 mounting system.
  • Wayne is a HUGE fan of these new High-Vis packs.  “I feel like drivers are far less likely to run over me in traffic if they see me — unless they don’t like me!  Whenever I am asked “what color should I get,” I always say “something bright.”  The Neon-Reflex fabric makes these the ultimate bright panniers.  You must ride with them day and night to experience the full range of visibility.  They are amazing!
  • These packs are great  for all around use, touring or commuting.
  • Each pannier has an internal pocket hanging from the inside of the back panel — nice!
  • Ortlieb High-Visibility Panniers utilize the new QL2.1 Quick Lock mounting system, adjustable without any tools, with automatic opening and closing by lifting the handle.  The QL2.1 system comes with 16mm wide top hooks, and adjusts with 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm hook inserts to help you fit various rack top-rail diameters.   Adjustable width hooks at the base of the panniers keep the bottom mounted securely to the side of the rack. The sliding top hooks can be repositioned to allow precise placement on the rack top rails.  This can also help move the panniers toward the rear of your rack, providing heel clearance while riding.  Optional extra top hooks can be added to reinforce the mounting system when you take your panniers off-road.  Optional 20mm QL-2.1 Top-Hooks are available for over-sized rack top-rails.
  • These panniers will hold a LOT of gear.  I have filled other panniers with higher rated capacity, and then transferred everything to Ortlieb panniers – meaning that you may not be able to trust rated capacity, or it could be that panniers with lots of pockets are inefficient to fill — so many corners.  All I can tell you for sure is that I have trouble imagining that you will need larger panniers than Ortlieb panniers, even for the longest tours, especially if you plan on using a handlebar bag and a dry-bag bedroll style pack like the Ortlieb Rack Pack
  • Besides being great for cross-country touring, Ortlieb Back Roller panniers might be my favorite panniers for general use.  Back Rollers are great for grocery shopping.  If you look up and see blue sky, and waterproofing is not an issue, you can over-stuff these panniers by not rolling them down all the way.  If you have a smooth ride home from the grocery store, and are not worried about the security of the items you are carrying, you can give the top of a roller pannier just a half-roll down with the top strap fastened over the top, and you can bring home a LOT of groceries.  And if you commute to work by bicycle, you can easily carry most laptop computers in a Back Roller pannier.  You will not experience balance problems if you ride with a single Back Roller pannier, and if you press some of the air out of a roller pannier, and give the top an extra roll down, it will ride nicely when only partially full.
  • Ortlieb rear panniers can also function as large capacity front panniers for Tandem tourists who are carrying enough gear for two riders on only one set of bicycle racks, BUT, be careful putting panniers this large on the front of a solo bike that steers faster than a tandem. Such large panniers have a lot of surface area, and may make your bike harder to steer in a crosswind than smaller front panniers.   Some folks do this and tell me it is OK, but not all bikes handle the same, so I hesitate to make the recommendation.
  • Ortlieb High-Visibility panniers are made from very durable Cordura fabric with a substantial, and highly durable, thermoplastic polyurethane waterproof inner layer.
  • Reflective strands are woven into the High-Visibility fabric.  Light from auto headlights and streetlights reflects from these packs, dramatically increasing your visibility when riding at night!  Even the Black fabric reflects!
  • The Neon-Yellow Reflex color is extremely visible during daylight hours.
  • All seams are high frequency welded with narrow manufacturing tolerances, providing excellent waterproofing.  You will be impressed by the high quality workmanship!
  • Don’t think “Plastic” when you see the mounting system.  Ortlieb hardware is made from a fiber-reinforced high-tech plastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
Packing Tips
  • Ortlieb panniers are great for cross-country touring.  Have no worries about staying organized when using panniers with large main compartments.  If you pack inside with a variety of sizes of stuff sacks and zip-lock bags, you can stay very well organized.  Smaller bags inside the main compartment are removable inner pockets.  They can help you stay organized in camp, and when you are ready to pack up in the morning, you simply toss the pre-packed into your panniers, and you are ready to go.  You won’t be riding with a jumbled mess inside your bags.
  • Ortlieb panniers set the standard for waterproof bags.  Make certain you pack your tent and sleeping bags in waterproof stuff sacks if they are going inside the panniers.  Keep your clean clothing separate from dirty laundry, and hang things where they can air out and dry out when you have the opportunities.  If it rains in the night, you don’t want a wet tent to get everything else in your pack wet.  And if you put a dry sleeping bag in a wet pannier, then at the end of the day you won’t enjoy trying go to sleep in that wet bag!
  • Sometimes I get customers who say “I don’t want waterproof bags.”  They are worried about wet gear in the bags not drying out while they are riding.  They are correct.  Gear will not dry out while you are riding with Ortlieb panniers.  But that is true with non-waterproof panniers.  Most non-waterproof bags are at least water resistant, and they have tightly sewn seems and the zippers do not provide ventilation.  And if you put wet items in a waterproof bag before it goes into a pannier, in order to avoid getting other things wet, of course the wet items stay wet.  Put wet items in ANY pannier, and unless you leave the tops of the panniers open and risk losing some gear, you will have some items to hang out to dry when you reach your next camp.  Get caught in an all-day rain, and you sure will be glad you have Ortlieb waterproofing!  Bottom line:  Hang your gear out to dry whenever you get the chance, but don’t worry about riding with waterproof panniers.
  • I once had a customer tell me that he rode for three months through the rainy season in Vietnam, and he bragged about his Ortlieb Packer series panniers and how well they kept his gear dry!

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