Ortlieb PVC Free Waterproof Rack Pack Medium Drybag
Suggested Retail on PVC FREE Rack Pack Medium = $120.00

COLORS:  Black,  Lagoon/Black,  Starfruit/Black

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The Ortlieb Rack Pack Medium is the most popular size for bicycle touring.  It is the perfect “drybag” to place across the back of your bike rack and panniers – a popular way to carry your bedroll with tent and sleeping bag, and, or extra clothing.

  • This versatile bag has a rolled closure that makes it completely waterproof and dustproof, a perfect place for those items that you just can’t bear the thought of getting wet or dirty!  When you are not bicycle touring, you will still find plenty of occasions to use this pack – as a sports duffel bag, or as soft-sided luggage for travel.
  • See detailed size information below, including and answer to the difficult question of “what will fit in a size Medium Rack Pack?”
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  • Ortlieb PVC FREE Rack Pack Medium Specifications:  21.3 inches long X 11.8 inches high X 10.6 inches deep.  Volume is 1892 cubic inches (31 Liters). Weight is 25 ounces.  The length is a seam-to-seam measurement.  The fabric bulges out a little at each end.  With the wide opening and the bulging fabric, I am able to place a 24 inch long fishing rod tube inside the Medium Rack Pack.
  • Rack Pack Dry-bags are not intended to be used as a stand-alone rack top pack. They are designed to lie laterally across the tops of panniers – not turned lengthwise, sticking out behind the rack.
  • When paired with Ortlieb Roller Series panniers, buckles and straps can be shared between the Rack Pack and panniers, so that the rack pack is actually attached to the panniers, not the rack.  You will find directions for this in the instructions.
  • When paired with Ortlieb Packer Series panniers, a pair of straps that pass around the middle of the bag, and through the top of the rack can hold the Rack Pack squarely on top of the panniers – straps not included.
  • The rolled closure is similar to a river rafter’s dry-bag, and very waterproof.  Your gear will stay dry in a Rack Pack.
  • If you have never used a dry-bag with a rolled closure, no worries.  You will quickly learn how to open and close the bag, and it will become second nature.
  • When I am not touring, the rack pack is one of my favorite duffle bags.  I can throw it in the bed of my pickup, and not worry if it rains!