Ortlieb Bike Tourer Panniers

Suggested Retail = $295.00
COLOR . . . Slate-Black
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  • Ortlieb Bike-Tourer panniers are specifically designed to be used as a rear panniers, providing enough room for a serious tour.  An internal division and added front pouch help organize your gear.  The convenient flap is quick and easy to use one handed.  Four base feet protect the pannier base.  Padded adjustable shoulder straps provide comfort and can be easily detached.  The Bike-Tourer attaches to any standard bike rack up to 16m (inserts for 8, 10 and 12 mm included) with the QL2.1 attachment system.  For extra room, the Bike-Tourer can be perfectly combined with the Ortlieb Travel-Biker or Trunk-Bag.
  • Color:  Slate/Black
  • Volume:  38 liters for the PAIR (2319 cubic inches)
  • Weight:  90.7 ounces for the PAIR
  • Dimensions:  These panniers are about 15.7 inches tall.   They are about 9 inches wide at the bottom of the bag.   From midway up the bag to the top of the bag they are about 12 1/2 inches wide.   The depth of the bag is about 6.7 inches from top to bottom.  Because the shape isn’t consistent from top to bottom, and the lid is rounded, three dimensional measurements do not add up to the stated volume of the bag.
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  • Bike-Tourer Panniers may Ortlieb’s classiest, best looking and most sophisticated design.  These are “way cool!”
  • Waterproof ? . . . Surprisingly so!  The fabric is waterproof, and a unique fold of fabric beneath each end of the lid very effectively channels water away from the interior.
  • Features:  Large front pocket;  Large incredibly bright reflectors;  Large inner pocket, Carrying handle;  Shoulder strap;  Highly adjustable top-of-the-line QL-2.1 Mounting System;  Very convenient access to main compartment.
  • Fabric & Construction:  Made from highly durable PVC free polyurethane-coated nylon with a substantial inner waterproof coating.  High-frequency welded seams provide excellent waterproofing and narrow manufacturing tolerances.
  • Optional Accessories:  Small Outer Pockets, Mesh Pockets, Bottle Cages, Pannier Carry System.

Observations:  What do I think about the Ortlieb Bike-Tourer panniers?  These are wonderful panniers for the more casual tourist who doesn’t have a huge daily mileage goal.  The stiff sides of the bag keep the main compartment from collapsing, so they hold their shape when empty.  I think of someone doing a tour in wine country who wants to dress nicely when off the bike, so they can attend wine tastings, or dine in nice restaurants in the evening, wearing clothing that isn’t wrinkled up from being crushed all day in a tightly-loaded soft-sided pack.  These are also GREAT shopping bag and commuting panniers.  Bags that hold their shape when empty are very easy to fill when grocery shopping, and these bags look so classy, that even a well-dressed business person will not be self-conscious when carrying them into a professional environment.  Would I take them on a fully-loaded transcontinental tour?  Not my first choice.  Because they always hold their shape, even when less than fully loaded, and they have flat sides and sharp corners, these bags are less aerodynamic.  I worry that if I am caught in a strong head-wind on a long day’s ride, that they will slow me down a bit because they catch more wind.  Also, the stiffeners in the sides and lid add weight.  A pair of Bike-Tourer panniers at 38 liters volume weighs about 2.25 pounds more than a slightly larger pair of Back Roller Plus touring panniers.  For that fully self-supported cross country tour, I will save some weight for going over the mountain passes, and perhaps slightly improve my aerodynamics by using soft-sided panniers.  For that wine-country tour, or a wide variety of in-town shopping and commuting uses, I don’t know of a nicer pair of bags than the Bike-Tourer Pannier’s!