Ortlieb Travel Biker Rack-Top Pack

Suggested Retail = $190.00
  • COLOR . . . Slate-Black
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  • Ortlieb Travel-Biker Rack-top Suitcase . . . This handy suitcase is designed for carrying clothes; stylish clothing will arrive dry with minimum creases.  Four internal pockets, two of which zippered, and two compression straps help keep things in place.  An outer mesh pocket, and elastics on the lid, offer additional room for extra gear.  The waterproof Travel-Biker is ideal for use on touring or trekking bikes.  With a “click” it is fixed fast and easily onto the rack adapter: simply slide on and click in.  The Travel-Biker can be combined with all Ortlieb bike panniers.
  • Additional Features:  Padded carrying handle with reflective material, four base feet.
  • Color:  Slate/Black
  • Volume:  27 liters (1648 cubic inches)
  • Weight:  60.7 ounces (3.8 pounds)
  • Max Carrying Capacity = 22 lbs
  • Colors:  Available in Black or Red/Black
  • Dimensions:  19.7 inches long x 13 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall.
  • Volume:  27 liters (1648 cubic inches)
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  • The Ortlieb Travel-Biker Suitcase is the perfect compliment to the Ortlieb Bike-Tourer Panniers.
  • Waterproof fabric, welded seams and a super heavy-duty waterproof zipper will keep your contents dry in an all-day rain.
  • Mounting Bracket:  A special quick release bracket mounts to the top of your rack, and allows attachment of the bag above your Bike Tourer Panniers without using any mounting straps.  Some drop-down side-rails are included with the mounting bracket, so that you still have a place to hang panniers below the Travel-Biker.
  • Fabric & Construction:  Made from highly durable polyurethane-coated nylon with a substantial inner waterproof coating.  High-frequency welded seams provide excellent waterproofing and narrow manufacturing tolerances.

Observations:  The Ortlieb Travel-Biker Suitcase is the perfect addition to the Bike Tourer-Panniers for that wine-country tour I mention in the Bike-Tourer Panniers description.  The Travel-Biker can be used with any other Ortlieb panniers, and also as a stand-alone rack-top bag without panniers.  This suitcase style bag is perfect for packing crease-free clothing.  I have had a number of customers use this for professional commuting.  Carry a change of clothing to your office and only look like a cyclist when riding to and from work  ‒  mostly  ‒  you’ll still have those tell-tale suntanned finger tips and spots on the backs of your hands from your cycling gloves!