Ortlieb Waterproof Handlebar Basket
Suggested Retail = $150.00
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  • COLORS . . . Only Steel-Blue/Grey,  Black/Grey
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ORTLIEB has reinvented the handlebar basket!  Stylish, practical, secure and waterproof, the Ortlieb Handlebar Basket is far superior to its “colleagues” made of wicker, wire, or other porous materials.

  • Ortlieb Handlebar Basket Dimensions:  Height = 10.2 inches.  Width = 14.6 inches.  Forward Depth = 8.7 inches.  Volume = 976 cubic inches (16 Liters).  Weight = 37.7 ounces.
  • Mounting Bracket Capacity:  5 kg, about 11 pounds
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  • Made of a lightweight nylon fabric, the ORTLIEB Handlebar Basket is ideal for carrying your wallets, purses, and small purchases.  The practical drawstring flap allows you to open it in a flash and close it reliably even when it’s filled to the brim (maximum: 5 kg – about 11 lbs).  Wallets, keys and smartphones stay safe, secure and easily accessible in the inside pocket.  And when it comes to off-bike loading and unloading, you can rest assure that it’ll always stay on its feet.  Like the proven ORTLIEB Ultimate bags, the basket attaches to your handlebar with the included Ultimate 6 mounting bracket.
  • The 3m reflector is super bright.  A built-in padded carrying handle is included.  Base feet allow the bag to stand on its own.
  • The lightweight wear-resistant nylon polyurethane-coated fabric is extremely waterproof.
  • Caution!  Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar Brackets are not for carbon fiber handlebars!  The clamping forces may damage the carbon fibers, resulting in handlebar failure!
  • The Optional Mounting Bracket Extender adds an additional 1-3/4 inches between the handlebar and bag, so with the optional Extender, the bag sits 3 3/4 inches in front of the handlebar.