Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Compact Waterproof Handlebar Bag

COLORS . . . Ocean-Blue/Black, Lime-Black, Granite-Black, Red-Black, and White-Black

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The Ultimate 6 Compact Handlebar Bag provides room for carrying small items to have convenient at all times.  Ortlieb has basically made a small and comfortable shoulder bag into a handlebar bag by adding a mounting bracket to the back.

  • Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Compact Dimensions:  Height = 7.9 inches.  Width = 6.7 inches.  Forward Depth = 3.1 inches.  Volume = 164.8 cubic inches (2.7 Liters).  Weight =20 ounces
  • Mounting Bracket Capacity:  3 kg, about 6.6 pounds
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The Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Compact Handlebar Bag gives you room for carrying small items that you would like to have convenient at all times.

  • Ortlieb has made a small and comfortable shoulder bag into a handlebar bag by adding a mounting bracket to the back.
  • The Black Ribbed color is in Classic fabric with a texture imprinted in the surface that keeps it from looking slick and shiny like the other Classic fabrics.
  • The Red is very red, matching the Classic Red panniers, but the photo makes it appear to have a slight orange tint.
  • Map and GPS Cases do not fit on the Ultimate 6 Compact.
  • A Shoulder strap is included.
  • The fold-over flap at the top of the bag is nearly 10 inches wide.
  • Caution!  Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar Brackets are not for carbon fiber handlebars!  The clamping forces may damage the carbon fibers, resulting in handlebar failure!
  • YES!  The Ultimate 6 Handlebar Bags come with a mounting bracket.  An extra handlebar bag mounting bracket may be purchased separately (see “Optional Handlebar Bag Accessories” above).  Many of our customers have both touring and commuting bikes, and they like to swap their handlebar bags back and forth from one bike to another without having to remove and reinstall their mounting brackets.
  • Mounting Bracket Extender . . . If you are wondering if your bars have enough room for a handlebar bag, the Ultimate Mounting Bracket places the back of the handlebar bag 2 inches in front of the handlebars.  The optional Mounting Bracket Extender adds an additional 1-3/4 inches between the handlebar and bag, so with the optional Extender, the bag sits 3 3/4 inches in front of the handlebar.  The medium and large handlebar bags are about 9 3/4 inches wide at the bracket level.  Measure 2 inches in front of your handlebar, and check to see if a bag that is 9 3/4 inches wide will fit between handlebars that curve forward.
  • The Ultimate Mounting Brackets are incredibly rigid and strong.  They WILL NOT slip.  If you cannot tighten your Ultimate bracket and find that it slips or sags or the bag drops down, give Wayne a call, and he can explain the steps where you misinterpreted the mounting instructions and tightened the mounting bolts out of order.  Follow the instructions exactly in order, do not get ahead of the instructions, and you will find that the bracket is very simple to mount, easy to tighten, and incredibly secure — to quote a customer — “rock solid.”