Ortlieb Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Medium Waterproof Handlebar Bag

PRICES and Options for Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Medium Handlebar Bags

  • Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Medium WITHOUT Map Case or GPS Case . . . $165.00
  • Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Medium with Map Case . . . $190.00
  • Add a Safe-it Mobile Device/GPS Case for your Handlebar Bag . . .
  • NOTE:  Safe-it Device Cases come with a Neck Cord.  If you are attaching a Safe-it to an Ortlieb Handlebar Bag, you need to order a Set of 4 Fixing Clips separately  . . . $6.50
  • Safe-it Small . . . $35.00      Safe-it Medium . . . $40.00      Safe-it Large . . . $45.00
  • Safe-it Extra-Large . . . $50.00      Safe-it XXL . . . $55.00
  • When ordering the “Safe-it Mobile Device/GPS Case,” be sure to specify the size.
  • COLORS . . . Neon-Yellow Reflex or Black Reflex
  • Click on photos to see full-size “Lightbox” images!

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Handlebar Bags have reflective strands woven directly into the fabric!  Even the Black fabric reflects after dark!

  • Ultimate 6 High-Visibility Med Handlebar Bag Specifications:  Height = 8.3 inches.  Width = 9.3 inches.  Forward Depth = 5.5 inches.  Volume = 427 cubic inches (7 Liters).  Weight = 26.1 ounces.
  • Mounting Bracket Capacity:  3 kg, about 6.6 pounds
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  • Reflective strands are woven directly into the Ortlieb High-Visibility fabric!  Light from auto headlights and streetlights reflects from these packs, dramatically increasing your visibility when riding at night!
  • The Neon-Yellow Reflex fabric is terrific for both day and night visibility!  The Black Reflex fabric is not bright in the daytime, but is still night-time reflective!
  • The Reflective Neon color is hard to describe.  Because of the reflectivity, the color value of light sources dramatically affects the appearance of the bags.  In the photos below you will see color variations from different lighting sources.  Viewed outdoors in daylight, there is an obvious yellow/green tint to the neon bags, but the tint varies with the time of day, and whether you are in direct sunlight, riding on a cloudy day or, or riding after dark.  After dark, the color varies from one type of headlight or streetlight to another.  Under 3500K indoor florescent lighting the photos appear quite yellow.  Photos taken under daylight balanced indoor LED lights,  approximately 5500K, have a definite yellow/green tint, so it is very difficult to take accurate photos of these bags.   This is great looking fabric, regardless of the color value!
  • Wayne is a HUGE fan of these new High-Vis packs.  “I feel like drivers are far less likely to run over me in traffic if they see me — unless they don’t like me!  Whenever I am asked “what color should I get,” I always say “something bright.”  These are the ultimate bright panniers.  You must ride with them day and night to experience the the full range of visibility.  They are amazing!
  • These packs are great  for all around use, touring or commuting.
  • For additional information go to:  Ortlieb Panniers and Packs Comparisons.