Ortlieb Ultimate 6 PRO E Medium Waterproof Handlebar Bag
Suggested Retail = $250.00
Yes, these are more expensive, but in addition to the electronics capabilities, the Map Case/Mobile Device Case is built in, not an add-on.

An Optional Cable Adapter Set is available for $18.00 that will facilitate use of hub dynamo lights such as Busch & Muller “E-Werk,” or Busch & Muller “Luxos U Lumotec IQ2,” or “The Plug” by Supernova.

  • With NEW Cloth Lid and larger touch-sensitive ventilated Map/GPS/Device Case!
  • The map/GPS/device case is built-in, so there is no need to add a map case — which makes the price more attractive!
  • COLORS . . . Choose any color you want, as long as it’s BLACK!
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The Ultimate 6 PRO E Medium Handlebar Bag . . . The “E” is for “Electronics.”  Make low battery power a thing of the past!  The Ultimate 6 Pro E allows you to recharge while riding your bike.  This practical touring handlebar bag offers the right platform, allowing you to operate your mobile devices (e.g. for navigation) with the power you generate via your hub dynamo.  All you need is an appropriate converter that can be purchased separately.  Thanks to the contacts integrated in the handlebar bag’s mounting device, a power connection is established automatically as soon as you attach the bag to the handlebar.

  • Ortlieb Ultimate 6 PRO Medium Dimensions:  Height = 7.1 inches.  Width = 9.3 inches.  Forward Depth = 5.5 inches.  Volume = 427 cubic inches (7 Liters).  Weight = 28.2 ounces.
  • Mounting Bracket Capacity:  3 kg, about 6.6 pounds
If you simply want the best handlebar bag one can get . . . this is it!
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Ortlieb Ultimate 6 PRO E Medium Handlebar Bag Info
  • The Ultimate 6 PRO E Handlebar Bag is the same as the Ultimate 6 Pro, but with a mounting bracket with built-in connectors that allow power to be transferred through the mounting bracket from an exterior power source to electronic devices carried inside the handlebar bag.
  • An Optional Cable Adapter Set is available for $24.00 that will facilitate use of hub dynamo lights such as Busch & Muller “E-Werk,” or Busch & Muller “Luxos U Lumotec IQ2,” or “The Plug” by Supernova.
  • The Ultimate 6 Pro has a Map/GPS/Mobile Device case built into the lid.  The clear panel is touch sensitive.  You can operate you device through the lid.
  • See  Optional Handlebar Bag Accessories including . . . Light and Accessory Adapter, Padded Camera Insert, Extra Mounting Bracket, and a Mounting Bracket Extender to hold the bag even farther from the handlebars for unusual shaped handlebars, or to accommodate wide-reaching brake levers.
  • YES!  The Ultimate 6 Handlebar Bags come with a mounting bracket.  An extra handlebar bag mounting bracket may be purchased separately (see “Optional Handlebar Bag Accessories” above).  Many of our customers have both touring and commuting bikes, and they like to swap their handlebar bags back and forth from one bike to another without having to remove and reinstall their mounting brackets.
  • Mounting Bracket Extender . . . If you are wondering if your bars have enough room for a handlebar bag, the Ultimate Mounting Bracket places the back of the handlebar bag 2 inches in front of the handlebars.  The optional Mounting Bracket Extender adds an additional 1-3/4 inches between the handlebar and bag, so with the optional Extender, the bag sits 3 3/4 inches in front of the handlebar.  The medium and large handlebar bags are about 9 3/4 inches wide at the bracket level.  Measure 2 inches in front of your handlebar, and check to see if a bag that is 9 3/4 inches wide will fit between handlebars that curve forward.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES:  a locking mounting bracket, a 3M Scotchlite reflector patch on the front of the bag, internal adjustable dividers, and an integrated shoulder strap.
Ultimate 6 PRO E Features
  • The included Padded Velcro Internal Dividers can be repositioned much like the dividers you find in many camera cases.
  • The Ultimate 6 Pro E uses the same magnetic lockable lid closure as the Ultimate 6 Plus and Classic bags.
  • The magnetic closure allows the closing/opening force to be adjusted.
  • The locking mechanism in the mounting bracket locks the bag to the bracket, and can also lock the lid.
  • There is a ventilated mesh pocket on the front of the Ultimate 6 Pro.
  • Inside you will find a zippered pocket and a key holder hook.
  • The center loop at the back of the bag allows you to open the bag with one hand, important if you want to quickly grab a snack while riding.
  • This premium quality waterproof handlebar bag looks great with both Classic and Plus series panniers.
  • The Ultimate 6 Pro is made from waterproof and very durable coated polyester fabric with plastic stiffeners inside to help it hold its shape.
  • For additional information go to:  Ortlieb Panniers and Packs Comparisons.
MORE Ultimate 6 Pro E Med Info
  • Caution!  Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar Brackets are not for carbon fiber handlebars!  The clamping forces may damage the carbon fibers, resulting in handlebar failure!
  • Wayne says:  “I will never go on a long distance tour without my handlebar bag!”  It is where I keep items I like to access quickly and easily without having to get off of my bike ‒ items such as my camera, energy snacks, tissues, keys, wallet, money, ID, passport, a map in the top window, etc. . . and I also use it for a waste basket.  When I ride up a mountain pass, I often find myself so focused on the ride that I don’t want to stop for photos.  With a camera living in my handlebar bag it is easier to pull off the road for a quick photo opportunity without having to dismount the bike.   I can put one foot down, take a quick photo and be back in the saddle in seconds – without losing the rhythm of the climb.  And later, I don’t regret missing the photo.  If I need to take a restaurant or restroom break, the handlebar bag comes off of the quick-release bracket and becomes a shoulder bag, so I don’t risk having my critically important items stolen.  If you have not toured with a handlebar bag, you don’t know what you have been missing!
  • If you have never used a handlebar bag, you may worry that you will not like the way your bike handles.  The first time you ride with a handlebar bag, you will definitely know it is there, and it may be a little disconcerting.  But soon you will quit feeling the differences you noticed on the first ride, and riding with a handlebar bag will become your new normal.  Before long you will feel like something is missing if you go for a ride without it!  If you are worried that you won’t see the road in front of you, don’t worry.  It won’t be long before you will realize that you don’t watch the road passing under your front wheel anyway.  You’ll know the front wheel is always centered on your handlebar bag.  If you do watch the road go under your wheel when you ride, you will eventually become well acquainted with a parked car!