Position Available at TheTouringStore.com.  Wayne Needs Help!

I sell the highest quality bicycle touring and commuting equipment online.  I am located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I have been serving bicycle tourists, bicycle commuters, and everyday cyclists for about 17 years online, and my total time in the bicycle industry goes back about 35 years – all in Fort Collins.  I feel that my website has been successful chiefly because of the personal service I offer.  Yes, personal service IS possible with an online business.

My primary need is for a trustworthy individual to help in my shipping department.  I need a dedicated, punctual, and self-motivated person to box and ship both US and international packages, and to receive, organize, and maintain inventory while keeping the store clean and well organized.  After learning the business and products there is a possibility of adding telephone customer service to your duties.  An interest in bicycle touring and commuting is a BIG plus.  You will often get off of work in time for a late afternoon ride!  As you might imagine, I maintain a smoke-free, drug-free environment.

This is a year-round position, but hours during our winter months won’t be as consistent as in spring, summer and fall.  Business will increase during the Christmas season, but we are more of a fair weather business.  This may be a good position for a student who can work more hours during the spring and summer, and fewer during the colder months.  During busy times, I may have as many as 25-35 hours a week available.  During the winter, 15-25 hour weeks are more likely.  This may be an opportunity for a stay-at-home parent with kids at school, or old enough to be on their own for 4-6 hours a day.  Any number of situations might fit.  Greater availability gives you the potential for more hours.

Basic computer skills are essential, as well as confident, professional, and friendly telephone manners.  You’ll need to demonstrate neat, legible handwriting . . . especially neat printing and numbers.  Not everything will be entered by keyboard.  Excellent English grammar skills are also a must.  All online business is conducted in English for a simple reason . . . I can only speak English!  I am an equal opportunity employer.  Good math skills will be handy, as well as excellent organizational skills.

You must be physically able to lift a 30 pound load overhead and place it on top of a 6 foot high shelf, so you will need to be comfortable on a stepstool or ladder.  Most of the packages we ship will weigh between 1 and 25 lbs, with the occasional larger package.  We can work together on the larger packages or heavy lifting.

Hours will generally be available Mon through Fridays.  Saturday hours will be rare.  To start I will need someone for about 20 hours a week.  That should pick up as we get closer to spring . . . March and April are not far away!

If this position sounds interesting to you, please email your resume to Wayne at wayne@TheTouringStore.com. References are required.  I will not consider an application that doesn’t include personal communication.  A cover letter written specifically for this position is preferred.  Please don’t bother just sending a resume and nothing else.  It won’t be considered, as that shows no real interest in the position.  Be sure to include your contact information.

You are welcome to contact me by telephone as well, but be aware that I may or may not be able to talk when you first call, as I am often helping customers.  If you get voicemail, wait 20-30 minutes and try again.  I want to talk to you.  You may leave a voicemail, but I may not be able to return calls quickly if I am helping customers.  My local business phone number is 970-482-3600.  Please call between Noon and 5:00 PM, Mountain Time in Colorado.  I am often on the phone with customers, so don’t be discouraged if I don’t pick up right away.  If you get voicemail during normal business hours, I really am on the phone with a customer.

I sometimes receive an overwhelming number of email responses when I place this ad.  Please don’t think I am being unfriendly or unprofessional if I can’t reply to everyone.  I am short-handed right now and may not have the time for a detailed response to every email I receive, but I will do my best.

I am not looking for a website designer.

A cheerful nature with a sense of humor is required!  We like to have fun at work!

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!  Wayne Boroughs