is Closing!  It is time for Wayne to ride off into the sunset!

I am closing after 15 years of helping cyclists.  It has been a great ride, but at age 63, it is time for me to slow down a bit and find new things to do.  I am not retiring . . . just looking for something different from the life of a 6-days-a-week small business owner.  Maybe I will finally have the time to meet some of my customers on cycling tours of my own!

For those wondering if I am running out of items, I want to point out that I was fully stocked on my most popular items when I made the decision to close, and I have a LOT of the most popular touring items in stock.  Enough that I may still be operating at Christmas.  Don’t just assume I am out of everything because it has been a few weeks since I made the announcement.  Over the next weeks and months I will gradually begin selling out of some items, or have incomplete color selections, so shopping sooner will give you the best selection.

Because I don’t use a shopping cart to take orders, I have to make price changes one page at a time.  Most of my sale prices are posted, but I could not get to everything in time for the announced beginning of my sale. I will continue to post more sale prices and even some items that are in stock but not yet on the website.

For those who have not shopped with me before, I provide personal service by phone and email, and take orders the same way by taking card info over the Phone, or PayPal which we can arrange by Phone or Email.  See my contact info near the top and bottom of every page.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more and more items to my Clearance Page.  Clearance items will be at exceptional values!

Please be patient with me if my service is slower than usual during this sale.  I cannot hire extra employees to help me with this sale, which may be busier than most sales I have run.  If it takes me some extra time to respond to communications, or ship your packages, you can rest assured that I am working as hard as I can to keep up.  I am still trying to provide the best service I can, and great service takes time.

I am grateful to all of my customers who have made my business so fun and successful for so many years.  I have had the best job in the world, helping cyclists all day! What a great group of people! I will miss you!