Tubus Airy Titanium Rear Bicycle Rack

Suggested Retail = $260.00
  • COLOR . . . Natural Titanium
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  • Tubus Airy Classic Titanium Specifications . . .
  • The Tubus Airy was the first carrier in the world made of very-hard-to-process titanium.
  • The Airy titanium rack works best with smaller “front” panniers, such as the Ortlieb Sport Roller Plus, or Sport Packer Classic.
  • Airy load carrying capacity is 30 kg (66 pounds)
  • Weight:  233 grams (8.7 ounces)
  • Made of Titanium Tubes
  • 10mm Top Rails
  • Fits 700C or 26″ wheels
  • Visit Tubus Fit Solutions for a variety of solutions for rack fitting problems, including extra-small bikes that need extra-long upper rack mounting stays to reach the seatstay fittings, mounting front racks on forks without mid-fork rack fittings, heel clearance problems with panniers due to short chainstay length, mounting racks on race bikes or bikes without rack mounting fittings, and more.
  • Things to know about the Airy Titanium Rear Rack:  One of the reasons the Airy rack is so light in weight (besides being made of Titanium) is that it is very small.  This IS a strong and capable rear rack, but it was built only for carrying panniers.  It was NOT built with the idea that items would be carried on TOP of the rack.


  • Things to know continued:  The level part of the Airy top platform is only about 9 inches long, and the width from the outside of one top-rail to the outside of the other is about equal to the width of a dollar bill – very narrow.  Strapping things on top of the Airy can be quite the balancing act.  If you are running a small pair of panniers, you can strap on a small dry-bag that is supported by the tops of your panniers.  Most rack-top packs, usually called rack trunks, are about 12 inches long, or longer.  They will not fit, as their mounting systems cannot adjust to fit such a narrow and short top platform, and even if they will strap in place, they will be “tippy” because they are not supported at their edges or corners, or they flex down off of the back of the rack toward the tire.  Some customers who are determined to carry items on top of the rack, and they build a small top platform and attach it to the rack top.  You should know that Tubus says “no” to using metal clamps on titanium racks, so the usual attachment method is to use strong zip-ties around the tubes and through holes in the platform.  Use of metal clamps on the this rack will void the warranty.