Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Bicycle Rack

Suggested Retail = $140.00
  • COLOR . . . Black
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The Tubus Cargo Evo is a great rack for the all-around cyclist, the bicycle tourist, commuter, grocery shopper, the carry-anything rider — a rack-of-all-trades so to speak.  If I had to pick just one Tubus rack as a favorite for ALL uses, the Cargo Evo might be the one!

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SIZES:  The Cargo Evo comes in two sizes for 26″ or 700C tires.  Europeans often use 28″ to mean 700C.  So in some places you may see the 26″ or 28″ designations for these two sizes.  On most touring bikes they will be tall enough for both tires and fenders.  If  your bike requires a taller size, say for the new 29er mountain bike tires, there is a Logo Classic 29’er rack that is taller, and there is an optional adapter for the 29er Logo Classic that adds even more height if necessary.  Ask us for details, as the page for the Logo Classic 29er is still under construction.  Some websites are mistakenly calling the Logo Classic 29er rack an “Evo” rack, but that is not the case ‒ it has the classic Logo dropout.

700C HEIGHT:  Measured vertically from the center of the lower rack mounting hole to the top of the rack is 37cm (14.69 inches).  The top rail is 10mm in diameter, so it is 36cm (14.29 inches) from the lower mounting bolt to the underside of the top platform area.  This is good to know when figuring out tire and fender clearance.  The 700C Cargo Evo is only 13mm taller than the 26 inch size (about 1/2 inch).

26 INCH HEIGHT:  From the center of the lower rack mounting hole to the top of the rack is 36cm (14.17 inches).  The top rail is 10mm in Diameter, so it is 35cm (13.78 inches) from the lower mounting bolt to the underside of the top platform area.  This is good to know when figuring out tire and fender clearance.  The 26″ Cargo Evo is 13mm shorter than the 700C size — about 1/2 inch shorter.

RACK TOP LENGTH:  The level part of the top “platform” is about 12 1/2 inches long.  From just before the upturn at the front to the taillight mounting bracket at the back is 12 inches.   From the top front of the rack to the taillight mounting bracket is about 13 3/4 inches.   It is about 14 1/2 inches from the top front of the rack to the very back of the rack below the mounting bracket.

RACK TOP WIDTH:  The top platform area is about 4 1/2 inches wide, and the same width apart from front to back — parallel top rails.

TOP RAIL DIAMETER:  All Tubus Racks use 10mm diameter top rails, except for the new FAT Rack for bikes with the giant tires – it has 14mm diameter top rails.


COLOR CHOICES:  Black, or Black.  To paraphrase Henry Ford speaking of the 1909 Model T, you may have any color you want, as long as it is BLACK.  Only Black Cargo racks are brought into the USA.  I cannot special order them in any other color.

WEIGHT:  Approximately 530 grams (19 ounces) for the rack plus 138 grams (5 ounces) for the mounting kit.  There will be some variation in weight between 700C and 26″ sizes, and the weight also varies depending on how you trim the upper rack mounting stays, and whether or not you use the alternate mounting points.

AN IMPORTANT POINT to make about the weight of the Cargo Evo and Logo Evo racks:  I have customers compare the weight of the Cargo and Logo racks to other racks in the Tubus line — especially the Fly and Airy racks, and conclude that they do not want the Cargo or Logo racks “because they are heavy.” What they don’t realize is that they are comparing full-sized high-capacity racks to much lower capacity, extra small & ultra light racks that are not designed to carry a full touring load.  Within the category of fully capable cross-country touring racks, the Cargo Evo and Logo Evo racks are not only very strong, but also very light in weight.  They are made from hollow chromoly steel tubes which compare very favorably in weight to solid aluminum rods in other racks. When I hand Cargo Evo or Logo Evo racks to customers who know they are made from steel, they are often visibly surprised by how light they are.  Bottom Line:  Any Tubus rack is light in weight for its intended purpose.  You should base your Tubus rack choice on its purpose, not just its weight.

CARRYING CAPACITY:  The Tubus Cargo Evo’s rated capacity is 88 lbs.  If you find a higher rated capacity (hard to do), it will be unrealistic, as this is more weight than one should usually carry on a touring bike.  The carrying capacity is in no way a recommendation for how much you should carry on the back of a touring bike, but it does give you an idea that this rack can stand up to some serious use!  If you are headed out for a long distance, heavily loaded tour, the extra rated capacity could be the difference between a smooth tour or a breakdown.