Tubus Cosmo Stainless Steel Rear Rack

Suggested Retail = $210.00

Sorry!  Out of Stock.  This rack was discontinued.

  • COLOR . . . Natural Stainless Steel
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The Stainless Steel Tubus Cosmo may be the top-of-the-line Tubus rear rack.  The Cosmo has the same carrying capacity as their Cargo rack, but has some additional features, including a larger top platform area – wider and longer with more extension to the rear of the top platform – and a lower set of top side rails, so you can carry your panniers lower.  You will have a lower center-of-gravity for your load, and if your panniers extend above your pannier top-hooks, you will have a lower load height to swing your legs over when you get on and off of your bike – NICE!  And if you want use a rack-top pack like the Ortlieb Trunk-Bag, or Lone Peak RP-700 Rack Pack at the same time you are using panniers, the pannier hooks won’t interfere.

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  • Weight:  680g (24 oz.)    Capacity: 40kg (88 lbs.)
  • The Tubus Cosmo works on bikes with 700C or 26 inch wheels.  (There is only one size Cosmo that fits over either wheel size.)
  • The top rails are 10mm in diameter.
  • Click Here to see the matching Busch & Muller LED Line Permanent Toplight, designed to fit the European 50mm 2-bolt mounting bracket.

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