Tubus Duo Lowrider Front Rack

Suggested Retail = $120.00
COLOR . . . Black
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The Tubus Duo is one of my favorite front low-rider racks!  Through-the-fork mid-fork mounting eyelets are required (or matching inside and outside eyelets on each fork tube at mid-fork).  Made from the same over-sized 14mm diameter tubing as the Tubus Tara with 10mm top-rails for mounting panniers, the Duo has the same carrying capacity as the Tara, and surprisingly, the Duo is just as stiff laterally, if not stiffer.  The inner and out top-rails on each rack-half, support each other laterally, and make the rack very rigid.  Yes, a hoop is often required to keep low-rider racks laterally rigid, but that is on racks with otherwise unsupported single top rails.  So have no worries about going with the Tubus Duo if your rack has the correct fittings!

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  • THE TUBUS DUO tubular chromoly front low-rider rack will ONLY fit forks that have brazed-on rack fittings on both sides of the fork blades.   Through-the-fork mid-fork mounting eyelets are required (or matching inside and outside eyelets on each fork tube at mid-fork).  It is a very clean fit with no hoop crossing over the front tire.  It is very light weight and extremely stable — and it is DEFINITELY one of the best looking front racks ever!
  • Because the Duo does not have a hoop over the wheel, it works with any wheel or tire size.
  • It weighs 510 grams (17.5 ounces).  The load capacity is 15kg (33 pounds).
  • The Duo top rails are 10 mm in diameter.  The lower tubes are 14mm in diameter.
  • The Duo has extra mounting tabs for mounting fenders directly to the rack, so you will not have to share your behind-the-fork-tip mounting eyelet between rack and fenders.
  • The distance between the upper and lower brazed-on fork fittings should be 165mm (+/- 3mm).
  • Please note that bicycle manufactures don’t all place their mid-fork braze-on rack fittings in exactly the same relationship to the lower fork-tip eyelets, and there are variations in bike design, fork angle, and fork rake etc.  This means that  you may not be able to get your rack top rails perfectly level.  Don’t worry.  Your packs will stay mounted securely even if your rack is not level.