Tubus Ergo Lowrider Front Rack

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  • COLOR . . . Black
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The Tubus Ergo Front Lowrider Bicycle Rack is a terrific light-weight front low-rider rack.  This is the same proven design as the Tubus Stainless Steel Nova, but made from tubular chromoly steel.  The stabilizing hoop that crosses over the tire adds strength and rigidity to the system.  The low-rider mounting system keeps your load’s center of gravity down, improving your bike’s handling.  The lower design creates multiple mounting options for lower pannier hooks.  And it looks great on your bike!

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  • The Ergo fits bikes with 26 and 700C (27 inch) wheels.
  • The Ergo’s rated capacity is 10kg (22 lbs).  This is enough capacity for a serious road tour.  The Ergo has a great mounting system.  It adjusts forward and back, and up and down, so if your rack fittings are poorly placed, it should still fit securely.
  • The Tubus Ergo is made entirely of 10mm diameter chromoly steel tubing – strong and light weight!
  • Weighs 406 grams (14.3 ounces).
  • The Ergo has extra mounting tabs for mounting fenders directly to the rack, so you will not have to share your behind-the-fork-tip mounting eyelet between rack and fenders.  There is plenty of clearance for tall tires and fenders within the rack
  • Please note that bicycle manufactures don’t all place their mid-fork braze-on rack fittings in exactly the same relationship to the lower fork-tip eyelets, and there are variations in bike design, fork angle, and fork rake etc.  This means that even with the Ergo’s built in adjustments, you may not be able to get your rack top rails perfectly level.  Don’t worry.  Your packs will stay mounted securely even if your rack is not level.
  • Visit Tubus Fit Solutions for a variety of solutions for rack fitting problems, including extra-small bikes that need extra-long upper rack mounting stays to reach the seatstay fittings, mounting front racks on forks without mid-fork rack fittings, heel clearance problems with panniers due to short chainstay length, mounting racks on race bikes or bikes without rack mounting fittings, and more.