Tubus Logo Titan Titanium Rear Bicycle Rack

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 COLOR . . . Natural Titanium
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THE TUBUS Logo Titan Titanium Rear Bicycle Rack has a 66 lb carrying capacity.  The chromoly steel Logo Evo is rated at 88 lbs.  The Logo Titan is less than two-thirds the weight of the chromoly Logo but only has only 10 kg (22 pounds) less carrying capacity.  At 66 lbs capacity vs. 88 lbs, the Titan is still a serious load carrier!  I believe this is the best titanium rack ever made.

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  • Load capacity is 30 kg (66 pounds)
  • Weight:  390 grams (14.5 ounces)
  • Made of Titanium Tubes
  • 10mm Top Rails
  • Fits 700C or 26″ wheels
  • Visit Tubus Fit Solutions for a variety of solutions for rack fitting problems, including extra-small bikes that need extra-long upper rack mounting stays to reach the seatstay fittings, mounting front racks on forks without mid-fork rack fittings, heel clearance problems with panniers due to short chainstay length, mounting racks on race bikes or bikes without rack mounting fittings, and more.


  • If necessary, you can mount your panniers on the Logo Titan’s lower set of side rails with one pannier top hook behind the center vertical support – below the taillight mounting bracket.  This will lower the center of gravity of your load, and move your panniers farther to the rear of your bike, providing adequate heel clearance on road bikes with shorter chainstay lengths.  Note that you should use this mounting position only if needed.  For best bike handling you want you rear panniers mounted as far forward on your rear rack as you can move them without creating a heel clearance issue.
  • Click Here to see the matching Busch & Muller LED Line Permanent Toplight, designed to fit the European 50mm 2-bolt mounting bracket.